"Asher was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, at 5-weeks-old. Asher's parents were able to screen him early for this particular disease because for Asher it's genetic. Asher's father lost his eye to it at 6-months-old, Asher's uncle and grand-aunt also were RB fighters. 

We started systemic chemo immediately, and monthly laser eye surgeries for the next two years. In the first six months, he had five hospitalizations with three staph infections and various complications. He also had many inner arterial chemotherapy which has seemed to be the most effective treatment. The tumors are bilaterial (in both eyes).

He currently (at two years old) continues monthly treatments at UCSF, the most qualified specialist closest to us, a two hour drive from our home. The gas gift card is a huge blessing for those trips. Asher particularly loves Batman, and is a superhero in his wings."

- The Armitage Family