Diego was diagnosed at 8 months old with an aggressive tumor of the brain and spine. He was metastatic at diagnosis. His tumor location by the brain stem has made it impossible to completely remove his tumor. He has been getting chemotherapy for 16 months. He will have his third surgery on 2/18/16 to de-bulk a tumor that is compressing his cranial nerves.

Diego is currently receiving speech therapy to help him deal with the effect of his vocal cord paralysis. He goes to physical therapy to work on learning to walk and build strength on the left side of his body.

Diego loves to cuddle and rub our ears. He is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and Lilo & Stitch. He also loves to dance. He particularly likes the song Gangnam Style by Psy. Diego likes books and legos. He is gentle, loving, resilient, brave, and good-natured.

- The Navar Family