Nolan was diagnosed Oct 17th 2013 and just 19 months old with Bi-lateral Retinoblastoma, A rare eye cancer in both eyes. I knew something was wrong with Nolan when he couldn't look at me straight. I thought maybe he needed glasses so off to the optometrist and pediatrician we went. They weren't concerned until later I discovered that Nolan's photos had a white glow in his pupils. I researched what it could be and found the website, Know The Glow, and my heart sank. I knew then my son had cancer.

After diagnosis Nolan had 6 months of systemic chemotherapy. His case got very critical and he needed chemo injections, radiation, right eye removed and intra-arterial chemo.

After a long journey and Nolan wasn't getting better, we decided that Nolan needed to be seen by the leading Retinoblastoma Doctor Abramson in New York City. So that meant we needed to travel from California and New York on a very short notice. Thankfully for Dainty Warrior Project, we were able to fly across country and save Nolan's eye and remaining vision.

- The Ramer Family

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